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Child Support Lawyers in Seattle

Each parent has the legal duty to help financially support his or her children. Child support is money paid by one party to another party to help financially support and cover at least some of a child’s living expenses. Commonly, the parent who does not live with the child or children (often called the non-custodial parent), pays child support to the parent caring for the child(ren) more often than not. The court can order child support anytime that parents live apart, whether they are separated, divorced, or never married. Typically, the court will follow the Washington State Child Support Worksheets; however, other factors may be used to determine if a deviation of the standard calculation is necessary. These factors for consideration can include the residential time spent with each parent, blended families, parents’ ability to pay, etc.

The attorneys at Cassady Family Law Group, L.L.P. have experience working with DSHS (Administrative Orders), Family Support Prosecutors, and the Superior Court. We have assisted hundreds of clients in acquiring the support his/her children deserve, modifying current support (whether reducing or raising), addressing back support issues, etc. Please feel free to contact us at (206) 623-5133 to schedule an appointment and get back on track today.

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