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“An exemplary attorney.”

“Mr. Cassady is an exemplary attorney who I would recommend to everyone and anyone. Hiring him might very well be the best decision that you have ever made. His answers on Avvo are perfect. I have practiced for 24 years as a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, and private attorney and he is one of the best I have encountered.” – Christopher Leroi

“I strongly recommend Heritage as one of the best attorneys practicing Washington State family law” 5 out of 5 stars

“In 2009, my teenage daughterʼs living situation at her mother and stepfatherʼs house took a turn for the worse after some incidents involving domestic violence. I was especially concerned about my daughterʼs safety. After my own attempts to resolve matters in a civil manner failed, I reluctantly sought legal action. 

Hiring Heritage Filer, Attorney at Law, to assist me turned out to be a fortunate decision in seeking to use the law to protect my daughter. I was able to file a Petition for Modification of the Parenting Plan, in which I asked The Superior Court of Washington for custody of my daughter. The result of Heritageʼs work on my behalf was that the judge ruled in my favor, granting me full custody of my daughter, and approved every single change I had requested in the new Parenting Plan. 

Heritage cares about the childʼs well being long after a court decision has been made. I appreciated that throughout my case, she always kept my daughterʼs best interests at the forefront when advising me about my options. I was not surprised to learn that in her spare time she volunteers for Washington State CASA, a group that advocates for abused and neglected children in court. 

Heritage is dependable. She always makes herself available to help her clients, even for advice on the little things. During my case, I emailed and phoned her often with questions regarding my parental rights, and to get advice on how to handle hostile emails and telephone calls from the other party—without fail she was willing and able to assist me every time. 

Earlier this year (2010) I recommended Heritage to a friend and his new his wife, each with a child of their own, who were having parenting conflicts with one of the ex- spouses. Later they informed me that Heritage convinced the other party to agree to reasonable terms before reaching court, and they expressed their happiness about the outcome and their gratitude to me for the recommendation. 

In addition to obtaining the desired legal actions for me, Heritage helped to provide my daughter with a better quality of life and a strong foundation for her future. Nowadays, my daughter is smiling more, has a new enthusiasm for school, and is even talking about her future plans. I couldn’t be happier. 

I strongly recommend Heritage as one of the best attorneys practicing Washington State family law. I can attest to her agility in maneuvering through the complex legal system and delivering favorable results in a timely manner. Above all, I value her child- focused values and support of responsible parenting.” Brian R. – Parenting Plan modification (2009)

“Now I refer potential family law clients to him.”

“I endorse this lawyer’s work. Richard Cassady is a very professional, competent attorney. Many years ago we were on opposite sides of a case. Now I refer potential family law clients to him.” – Robert Kelly

“Amazing experience!” 5 out of 5 stars

“Heritage represented me in a custody dispute and was a strong, prepared and excellent attorney. She gave honest and thoughtful answers to my questions which really reassured me. Being in court is NOT a fun experience at all but she definitely made it a much easier process. Highly recommended.” Anonymous – child custody client (2009)

“She gave me my life back.” 5 out of 5 stars

“I had went through 2 attorneys in the last 7 years trying to get my spousal maintenance modified or terminated. Each time I went to court it was I was denied. The pressure was getting to me because what I had to pay was very unreasonable. I was ready to give up and surrender to the fact that I would be paying for the rest of my life. I had one more chance. I interviewed a few Attorneys before going to Heritage. When I spoke with her, she gave me hope which is something I didn’t get with the others. She was honest with me so I trusted her and I was not disappointed. She basically gave me my life back and and I am very grateful to her.” Jerry – modification of spousal maintenance and child support client (2013)

“I would most definitely recommend Heritage.” 5 out of 5 stars

“I contacted Dancey & Cassady about getting a parenting plan done as i needed stability and consistency in my childs life. Heritage was warm and welcoming. She listened to my needs, wants and concerns and assisted me through the process to a final parenting plan. She was accessible and responsive by email and phone in a very timely manner. Our daily routine is now predictable and consistent. I would most definitely recommend Heritage @ Dancey & Cassady as I now have peace of mind. Thank-you Heritage.” Anonymous – child support and custody client (2013)

“She even served my now ex with court doc on her own time to meet a deadline.”

“I picked Dancey & Cassady because of their great reviews and because they were able to let me do payments at a competitive rate. I worked with Heritage filer on my divorce involving a protection order and custody of my two sons. She was really great. She is tenacious under pressure and really exceeded my expectations. She often went above and beyond to help me. She even served my now ex with court doc on her own time to meet a deadline.  She always kept me very informed throughout my entire divorce. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help. Thank you so much for all your help I know my divorce wouldn’t have ended so favorable or smoothly without your professionalism and knowledge of family law.”

 Melanie V. – Snohomish County divorce client (2012)

“I was able to get full custody of my son.”

“I think i have found the best attorneys ever. I worked with Heritage Filer and let me tell you she was fantastic. I was in need of a great attorney to help me finalize the terms of custody for my young son. With the help of Heritage and the rest of the team i was able to get full custody of my son. Thank you all very much for all of your help. Dancey & Cassady will be my go to law firm for any family law issues i might have in the future.” 

Jeff G. (2010)

“I was very impressed by Heritage.”

“I worked with Heritage regarding my divorce and custody of my daughter. Heritage was extremely knowledgeable regarding my unusual circumstances. She kept me informed throughout the process and we were able to finalize a few months earlier than we thought! I was very impressed by Heritage and her professionalism and will use this law firm again in the future if needed.”

 Tammy B. (2011)

“Heritage was the only attorney that showed the most willingness to jump right in.”

“When I was looking for a law firm to take my custody case Heritage was the only attorney that showed the most willingness to jump right in and get everything started as quickly as possible. Heritage did everything possible for me and my son, was always on time with all of our deadlines. She does a fantastic job. Dancey & Cassady have a very friendly and professional staff!” Kristina A. (2012)

“Thank you, Heritage!” 4 out of 5 Stars

“I had Heritage to help me with my divorce. She was prompt, responsive! Knowledgeable. My divorce only took 9 months which is quick given that the other party was extremely difficult. I do recommend her as a Lawyer. Thank you Heritage :)” Adriana- Snohomish County divorce client (2013)

“Positive help during my divorce.” 5 out of 5 Stars

“When I decided to retain a divorce lawyer, I looked up local firms on my smart phone and started calling for free consultations. I met with five lawyers total and it was clear that Heritage was the most business like, informative and responsive. I immediately retained her services and never regretted it. I quickly realized that no matter how organized you think you are during a divorce, things never proceed as planned. One aspect I didn’t necessarily want from my lawyer while searching, but was very happy to get from Heritage, is her emotional support and encouragement. Throughout the entire process, Heritage was constantly keeping me updated and informed, explained details clearly with all consequences for each option, went the extra mile in helping me to get my spouse moving in the same direction, and went above and beyond in knowing when to give me bits of encouragement and praise. Divorce is an ugly thing to experience for anyone, but Heritage was the rock in my storm. As I compare my experience to what others tell me of their lawyers, I have no doubt that I made the perfect choice in retaining Heritage as my lawyer and will refer to her for any legal matter I may have in the future. When I share my experience with others, they immediately are interested in keeping her contact info so they can experience a more positive legal situation with a lawyer the next time they may need one.” Staci – King County divorce client (2013)

“Your case will be in good hands and well executed.”

“Dancey & Cassady is a great law firm!  In 2007 I had the pleasure to work with Rich’s partner (who has left the firm and moved to Georgia for family reasons) on my separation.  I have recently had the pleasure of working with Rich Cassady on some issues needed to finalize my divorce.  Both partners are consummate professionals with much experience in the King County Family Law court system.  Their office staff is excellent and can help get answers when the attorney’s are swamped.  The bottom line is they (all of them, attorneys and staff) know their stuff and will make you feel very comfortable that your case will be in good hands and well executed.” – Yelp Review

“Great experience with uncontested divorce ” 5 out of 5 Stars

“Great no-nonsense flat-fee service. Heritage was very informative and reassuring, responsive and kept me informed throughout the process. Highly recommended.” Rebecca – King County divorce client (2013)

“I would recommend Heritage a thousand times over” 5 out of 5 Stars

Upon meeting Heritage I immediately felt comfortable during a very uneasy time in my life. Her staff and herself made it a point to make me feel like I was a very important client and they were going to get me the outcome I wanted come my court date. They did just that! I was very pleased at not only the outcome of the court date, but also the professionalism Heritage and her staff. She contacted me often to get all the facts, represented me well, and the outcome was successful. Every one of my emails or phone calls got returned very quickly. On a personal level I appreciated the fact that Heritage was not only knowledgeable and reliable, but also cared. I can remember being very upset about my case and her telling me that everything was going to be ok! That means a lot during such a stressful time in ones life. Overall I would recommend Heritage a thousand times over. Arielle – King County divorce client (2013)

“Heritage listens and doesn’t judge” 5 out of 5 Stars

I am happy to share that I have worked with Heritage, in regard to my basic parental rights as a Father to see and raise my two children. Heritage listens and doesn’t judge but she will in form you on what the judge may or may not say. This group is very professional and skilled in what they do. Heritage is very passionate about winning and compassionate about what you are going through. As a family court attorney I would recommend her every time. I am a father who beat the odds and that would not have been possible without the help of Heritage. I get to see my kids every week now and I don’t have to deal with the mood swings of another parent who controlled me through my children anymore either. I love this Firm for that and I hope I never have to use them again but if I do they will be the first law group I call. Trey – King County Child Custody case (2013)

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