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Rich Cassady

Mr. Cassady is an exemplary attorney who I would recommend to everyone and anyone. Hiring him might very well be the best decision that you have ever made. His answers on Avvo are perfect. I have practiced for 24 years as a judge, magistrate, prosecutor, and private attorney and he is one of the best I have encountered.

- Christopher Leroi

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Richard Cassady was born and raised in Seattle, and grew up in Magnolia.  He went to the Lakeside School from 7th grade until graduation in 1985.  Obtained his BA in World Political Science/Economy from the Colorado College in 1989.  Lived in Steamboat Springs for a year before moving to San Francisco for law school at Golden Gate University.  Graduated from GGU in 1993.  Passed the Washington State Bar May of 1994.

This firm’s root began in August of 1994 with Delaina Dancey and Rich Cassady being partners.  Michael Louden was a partner for a year.  Michael now works as a partner at Wechsler Becker, and Delaina is a partner at Lauber Dancey.  Heritage and I have been working together since 2009.  I live in Redmond with my two boys, their sister, and mother.  When not working, I can be found skiing, playing racquetball, mountain biking, hiking, rollerblading, scuba diving, or at a hydroplane race as a rescue diver.