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Parenting Rights

Parental Rights Attorney’s in Seattle

For parents going through a custody dispute, there are multiple concerns that will keep you awake at night: How will we divide the time with our children? For how long will visits last? What about holidays? How will we make parenting decisions, such as medical treatment or schooling?

In Washington, the court’s most common primary concern is “what is in the best interest of the child”, although, there are exceptions to this in special circumstances. There are many factors that the court may consider, including any special needs of the child, the child’s routine, each parent’s work schedule and availability, the historical performance of the child’s daily needs, etc, per RCW 26.09.

Each case is very different and fact specific. The attorneys at Cassady Family Law Group, L.L.P. have experience in working with clients to build a parenting plan that will meet the needs of their child. As a parent, you have parental rights and Cassady Family Law Group will fight to make sure those rights, and your child, are protected.

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