Free Consultation


Thank you for your interest in our law offices. We offer a free thirty-minute initial consultation. This consultation can take place in person or over the telephone (with our prior approval). We will need to see any pertinent documents during this initial consultation. It would be a good idea to go to the courthouse and obtain a conformed copy of your court file before we meet. Please call us to schedule you an appointment.

Sliding Fee Scale

Our fees are based on a sliding scale. One of our goals is to provide legal services to individuals based on their ability to pay. Currently, our sliding fee scale, which is subject to change, works like this:

If your gross yearly income is under $40,000.00, our hourly rate will be  $200.00.
If your gross yearly income is under $40,000.00 to $60,000.00, our hourly rate will be  $220.00.
If your gross yearly income is over $60,000.00, our hourly rate will be  $240.00.

We will require an initial deposit toward fees, which will be determined by what kind of case you have and what point you are at in your case. If the deposit amount is more than you can handle, you can ask about representation on a limited basis, for example, if you just need an attorney to represent you at one hearing or you want an attorney to look over your paperwork with you. We do take extraordinary expenses into consideration when determining how much we will charge.

Flat Fee Service

We do offer a flat fee rate for clients wishing to engage in a “non-contested” divorce. For this purpose, non-contested means that the parties have reached an agreement on all aspects of their divorce, and no issues remain outstanding.

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